Rules For Sending Nudes Everyone Should Know

Rules For Sending Nudes Everyone Should Know

So, we all send nudes, but why? What is it about naked photos we love? What makes nudes so fun?

Data shows that people get a serious hit of dopamine when they swap nudes with someone else. Man, woman, it doesn’t matter. We all get the same high when we know that someone else is enjoying our explicit images.

Not only that, but nudes can increase confidence too – both for the sender and the receiver. Receiving a personalized, naked pic on your phone is the modern way of being told you’re important to someone. It’s a sign of trust and intimacy, and that makes people feel good.

Also, knowing that the other person might jerk off to your sexy nudes is a pretty big confidence booster too.

We’ve covered the main topics about sending nudes, but there’s still a couple of other rules you should keep in mind.

Consent is crucial. Always get consent from girls before sending out nudes of any kind. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending them to girls you know or amateur porn models, if the other person hasn’t requested them then it’s a bad idea. These days, it’s borderline sexual assault.

Set your own boundaries. Not all women are professional models. Some girls might be insecure about their bodies, so they might not be comfortable sending you a completely nude photo. Don’t be pressurized into sending pics you don’t want to.

Double check the ‘To’ box. The last thing you want is to send that naughty video to your boss or your mom. Make sure you’ve selected the right contact (or contacts) before you hit the send button.

How To Keep Your Nude Photo Secure

This one is so important it needs its own section. Once your nudes are out there, it’s almost impossible to delete them. Sure, there are dating apps and platforms like Snapchat that delete the photos and videos after a while, but that doesn’t always mean they’re completely erased.

That’s why it’s important to keep your nude pics secure as possible. There are a couple of ways to do this.

First, if you’re sending a completely nude snap, don’t include your face. Nudes from the neck down are perfectly acceptable and equally as hot for any recipient, so keep your beautiful mush out of it. That way, if your nudes do get leaked somehow, you can just deny it’s you.

Of course, most people have other identifiable features other than their face, so you should make the effort to avoid snapping anything of the sort. Tattoos, birthmarks, third nipples, anything like that. Once again, if your nudes end up on a porn videos page, you can just say it’s not you.

Sending Nudes Properly: Do’s and Dont’s

If you want to get laid with local girls, you’ll need to perfect the art of exchanging nudes. We’ve covered a lot already, but there’s some major do’s and dont’s you need to be aware of.

DO: Respond fast. Girls don’t want to wait around for you to send nudes back to them, especially if they’ve just sent you one themselves. It should be a constant stream of back-and-forth pics, otherwise you’ll lose the sexual momentum.

DO: Time your nudes properly. No one wants to receive a sexy photo while they’re having Christmas dinner with their family. Ideally send your nudes at night when she’s less likely to be busy.

DO: Meet up in person. Most local girls want to screw, and swapping nudes is the precursor to that. If you flake on meeting up then she’ll probably just block and delete you.

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